Pearl Jam’s Bold New Video for “Mind Your Manners”

Pearl Jam has a history of forgoing the aggressive multi-media approach used by most popular artists. While many bands (including their earlier contemporaries) flooded MTV and YouTube with numerous videos per album cycle, Pearl Jam opted to film only a select few over the years. With the relative rarity of their videos, it became expected that each one would transcend the usual marketing fodder to actually make a statement. Such is the case for their new video for “Mind Your Manners,” as the group tries to say something visually, as well as aurally.

Directed by lauded music photographer and director Danny Clinch, the video attempts to visualize the sociopolitical and religious allusions of “Mind Your Manners” through a montage of graphics and vintage film footage. Clinch’s approach isn’t groundbreaking by any means — we’ve seen any number of videos with similar styling and imagery — but it’s effective none the less. Bombs dropping, cash printing, and environmental destruction paint a pretty bleak picture to drive home Pearl Jam’s point, and do justice to the punk nature of the song.

If there’s something to take away from the video of “Mind Your Manners,” perhaps it isn’t necessarily a public service announcement, but more of a call-to-action in the only way Pearl Jam knows how.

Pearl Jam’s new album, Lightning Bolt, drops October 15th on Monkeywrench/Republic Records.

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